the strip

Psychoducks is a comic strip conceived by Miguel Montenegro in 2012 about a world of ducks, often prey to other animals that take advantage of their goodwill and naivety.

The protagonist is a graduate student majoring in Psychology – not unlike the author. While just about any topic might be addressed, the humor in Psychoducks, at least to begin with, leans on psychological matters, tapping the potential in the field’s many contradictions. Despite there being different characters with specific personalities, overall the ducks are undistinguishable and anonymous.

Psychoducks began its publishing life in February 23, 2012, on Facebook. The first book was published by Miguel’s Academy imprint in February 06, 2014, a testimony to the strip’s popularity and acceptance by the academic community as well as the general public – it sold out in little over a month, with barely any advertisement being done.

The international website was launched in July 16, 2014 and is updated daily in five languages with a new comic strip.

the author

Miguel Montenegro has wanted to be a cartoonist and illustrator as long as he can remember. Prior to Psychoducks, he worked for several major comic book publishers, including Marvel and Image Comics, and did over a thousand storyboards for the advertising industry.

Looking for some additional intellectual stimulus to complement his art interests, Miguel wrapped up a Masters in Psychology in 2013 and has published scientific articles while still a student. To this day, he continues to work as a budding scientific researcher.

The unlikely combination of Miguel’s passion for cartoons and his interest in psychology blossomed into the creation of Psychoducks.